Art by Joel

Heya! I'm Joel, a freelance digital artist with strengths resting in humanoid figures and creatures. I'm self-taught and have been drawing since I could first pick up a pencil.My aim is to provide a prompt and friendly experience for my clients, and to keep them excited for the end result by updating them throughout the entire artistic process. It's important to me that the finished piece captures my client's vision, and I am always open to suggestions and critique to ensure the end result comes as close as possible!I work closely alongside my partner Wing, who has professional experience as a colorist! You may find art that they colored in the galleries on this site, which is marked accordingly. They don't have commissions open currently, but if you like their work, please check out their twitter linked above!

⋆ Will Draw ⋆

  • Humanoids (OCs, fan art, etc.)

  • Anthro & animals

  • Props (subjects holding books, sitting on things, eating something, etc.)

  • Cyborgs & partial mechanicals

  • Nudity & NSFW

NSFW examples shown upon request.

⋆ May Draw ⋆

  • Full mechanicals

  • Simple landscapes, interiors, architecture, or backgrounds

  • Gore

  • Fetish

Email me detailing what you envisioned for any of these subjects and I'll let you know if I feel comfortable drawing it!

⋆ Will NOT Draw ⋆

  • Complex landscapes, interiors, architecture, or backgrounds

  • NSFW of the following: real people (such as celebrities), underage, noncon/dubcon, etc.


⋆ Budget Friendly ⋆

Want some art but you're on a budget? No problemo, I want to work something out with you!
Email me with your price range and I will share a few ideas on what I feel comfortable doing within that scope.

$40 to $150 USD range Contact for more information!

⋆ Painterly ⋆

Clean lines colored using a blending paintbrush and airbrushes.

Waist-up $175 USD
Fullbody $300 USD

⋆ Full Render ⋆

All the bells and whistles; I go all out! This option requires a considerable amount of time to complete.

Make sure to view the example image in a new tab to check out all the little details!

Waist-up $350 USD
Fullbody $500 USD

Additional Pricing Information

  • All prices listed are only an estimate, and will fluctuate based on number of characters and complexity. Intricate armors are a good example of something I may charge extra for!

  • Revisions after the sketching/lining stages may require an extra fee. Please read my Terms of Service to learn more.

  • More than one character in a single piece has an additional charge of +75% of the base price per additional subject. Example: a 200 USD piece with three characters would be 500 USD (200 + 150 + 150).

  • Please do not send payment through the 'Send Money' option via Paypal. An invoice will be provided once everything is agreed upon!

  • If you would like something drawn that doesn't quite fit the humanoid waist-up/fullbody cropping convention, message me! I'll supply an adjusted quote!


To submit a commission inquiry, please contact me at the email above with the following information:

  • Name: (full name not required; whatever is put here will be used to track progress publicly on my Trello)

  • PayPal Email:

  • Budget: (optional)

  • Completion: (Budget friendly, painterly, etc.)

  • Cropping: (waist-up or fullbody)

  • Description: (detailed explanation on what it is you would like drawn)

  • References: (links or attached images of relevant subjects, poses, details, etc. Please compile an Imgur album if there are lots of images!)

I am typically available during EST daytime hours to answer questions through email or the social media links at the top of the page!

DISCLAIMER: These terms are subject to change and adjustments over time.

⋆ General Usage ⋆

All conditions apply retroactively to the artist's (Joel, JukeboxJoel, hereon referred to in first person) artwork, as well as any party that wishes to use my artwork in any way (paying clients or any and all third-parties), unless clear and explicit permission otherwise is given by me in writing:

  • I reserve the right to exhibit works in personal venues, such as art websites, portfolios, etc.

  • If the finished product does not contain any of the client's intellectual property (such as original characters), I retain the rights to reprint the image for posters, merchandise, goods, etc.

  • The client and/or third parties may not alter any of my artwork in a way that would hide or remove watermarks or credits. If the client seeks to alter/color a purchased piece of work by me, they may do so only with my consent.

  • Any clients may freely exhibit a piece they personally commissioned in personal galleries with proper credit given, such as for icons, original character reference galleries, etc.

  • Third-parties looking to display my art in any galleries or appropriate my art for personal use may not do so without my written consent.

  • Any clients and and/or third-parties are prohibited from using the image commercially (logos, printing, etc.).

  • My art may not be profited off of without written authorization.


  • I DO NOT PERMIT MY ART BEING COLLECTED AND/OR USED TO MINT NON-FUNGIBLE TOKENS (NFTs). If my artwork is found on any NFT market, I did not authorize its creation and it is stolen. Please notify me immediately so I can file a takedown with the appropriate parties.

  • Any poses, resources, or files created for a cancelled commission may be repurposed for any of my future works as I see fit.

By paying the artist (Joel, JukeboxJoel), hereon referred to in the first person, the consumer (hereon referred to as the client and/or the commissioner) agrees to being 18 and older and all conditions detailed below:

⋆ Pricing & Payment ⋆

I accept payment up-front and in full before any work is undertaken, unless otherwise is agreed upon in writing.I only accept currency exchanges through PayPal. I will not accept payment through any other means.Prices will fluctuate depending on my own judgment, based on hours and effort the commissioned piece will require. This effort is calculated based on the intricacy of the piece, taking into account the number of subjects, what they are wearing or interacting with, how much of them is included within the shot, how detailed the line and coloring work will be, among similar factors.
A simple humanoid subject standing in a t-shirt is likely to be charged at the base price (detailed on the Prices page), while a high fantasy character posing heroically in an intricate, detailed suit of armor is likely to require a considerable complexity charge.
I will not attempt to request complexity surcharges if I happen to misjudge the time and effort required for the final piece, unless otherwise is agreed on up-front before initial payment is transacted.All other special circumstances regarding any extra fees unrelated to revisions requiring extra fees (detailed under Revisions) or the complexity charge of the piece (detailed above) will be discussed in full with the client before any payment or work is undertaken.

⋆ The Process ⋆

The client is expected to fill out the form found on the Contact page to submit a commission request, or submit any questions to the email listed there. I typically respond within 48 hours.If submitting a commission request, the client is expected to include links to image galleries or written descriptions of the subject(s). If the client does not have any previously completed art of the subject(s) available, scouting out image references from the internet is highly recommended to achieve the closest possible result to what the client desires.I will then supply a quote depending on the effort I expect to put forth into the piece. Once an agreement is reached, I will send the client a link to an invoice through PayPal. When payment is processed I will begin drawing.I will keep the client updated on the status of their art. Progress shots of the commission piece may be requested any time by the client.If there are any unforeseen complications or drawbacks, I will let the client know ASAP. The client is also encouraged to contact me should they have any concerns or would like a status update on their art.All art commissioned from me is digital, meaning no physical items will be created or shipped. I will send a full resolution .PNG to the client of the finished piece upon completion. I also offer different image formats upon request. The client may request the repositioning/adjustment of my watermarks on the piece, however I will not offer or supply copies of the finished product that completely omit my watermark/signature under any circumstance.

⋆ Wait Times ⋆

I work as my schedule and inspiration allows rather than on strict deadlines to ensure the best possible quality of my work. Completion of artwork may range between weeks to months depending on many factors, such as: long commission work queues, intensive work required for the art, federal holidays, scheduling conflicts, my full-time job, etc.I strive for utmost transparency, so in the case that I anticipate a piece taking longer than a month to complete, I will inform the client before any payment is transacted so we may discuss how they would like to proceed.

⋆ Revisions ⋆

All revisions in the sketch/lining stages are free. Revisions during the coloring phases are situational; adjusting the hue of the coloring is free, major changes to both lineart and coloring more than once will require an extra fee.The client is encouraged to point out any missing/incorrect details any time work in progress shots are shown. However, if work is completed and there are any major detail oversights on my part I will correct them for free. An example of an oversight on my part is the omission of a detail that was mentioned in the original commission request form that I mistakenly left out.The client is permitted one free minor revision for the finished piece, and all minor or major revisions thereafter may be done for an extra fee. This does not include revisions done during the creation process. An example of a revision I may charge for is a change of facial expression (minor), the addition of a prop in the image (minor/major depending), or the addition of a background (major).

⋆ Cancellations & Refunds ⋆

I reserve the right to reject, cancel, or refund a commission for any reason; most likely reasons being inappropriate behavior, rudeness, poor communication, etc.
Clients may also request a cancellation and refund. Either instances of cancellations may come at reduced rates depending on the work already rendered. Please note that any transaction fees taken by PayPal will not be included in these refunds.
Cancellations before any work begins will be issued a full refund.
Cancellations in the sketching stages will be issued a 75% refund.
Cancellations in the lining stages will be issued at a 50% refund.
Cancellation in the coloring stages will be issued a 25% refund.
Refunds for finished art pieces will not be issued.
After a refund is issued, all work for the client will halt.The basis on which stage the art is in is up to me to determine, taking into account time and effort put into the piece. I do not work for free. I will provide the client a copy of the incomplete artwork in the exact state it was left in at the time of cancellation. From there on, the client is unauthorized to take the unfinished work to another artist for completion, alteration, or 1:1 duplication.

>> Last edited on 11/11/22 (added rules regarding AI image generation and moved my usage rights to the top of the page.) <<

For any questions, please email me at

⋆ Watercolors ⋆

Pencil lines filled with a wash of watercolors. I have a lot of fun with these!

Waist-up $100 USD
Fullbody $100 USD